Business update

Intimation that we had participated in the tender floated by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (the “MCGM”) for outsourcing of laboratory investigative services “Aapli Chikitsa”, and we have  now received a  letter from MCGM informing us that our tender has been accepted by them; we have been  authorized to provide laboratory investigative services “Aapli Chikitsa” over  a period of 4 years from the commencement of operations, to the MCGM affiliated hospitals and clinics in Western Suburban Zone and City Zone  of Mumbai. The total contract cost of the tender to be executed over the period of 4 years is Rs. 532.27 million, with an assurance of about 60% of total samples test per year; we have since complied with the terms and conditions and are poised to commence the operation on tender awarded by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai for availing laboratory investigative services “Aapli Chikitsa” within next 30 days.