Announcement about signing of SPA

Intimation about execution of a share purchase agreement dated 25 June 2021 between members of the promoter and promoter group of Thyrocare Technologies Limited (“Company”) (i.e., Dr. A. Velumani, A. Sundararaju HUF, A. Velumani HUF, Amruta Velumani, Anand Velumani, A. Sundararaju, Thyrocare Properties and Infrastructure Private Limited, Pavilion Commercial Private Limited, Thyrocare Publications LLP, Sumathi Infra Project LLP and Mahima Advertising LLP) (“Sellers”) and  Docon Technologies Private Limited (“Acquirer”), the Sellers have agreed to sell to the Acquirer their entire shareholding in the Company, being equivalent to approximately 66.14% of the equity share capital of the Company (on a fully diluted basis) and being equivalent to 3,49,72,999 equity shares of the Company (collectively, the “Sale Shares”), and the Acquirer has agreed to purchase the Sale Shares from the Sellers in accordance with the share purchase agreement, completion of which is subject to certain conditions precedent  (“Share Purchase Agreement”).View Here